Books about extintions

Mass Extinction
The present book combines three main aspects: five major mass extinctions; contributions on some other minor extinctions; and more importantly contributions on the current mass extinction. All three aspects are introduced through interesting studies of mass extinctions in diverse organisms ranging from small invertebrates to mammals and take account of the most accepted subjects discussing mass extinctions in insects, mammals, fishes, ostracods and molluscs.
Mass Extinctions and Their Aftermath
This is the first review of all the major mass extinctions in the history of life. It covers all groups of organisms - plant, animal, terrestrial, and marine - that have gone extinct alongside the geological and sedimentological evidence for environmental changes during the biotic crises. All proposed extinction mechanisms - climate change, meteorite impact, volcanisms - are critically assessed. The demise of the dinosaurs has been amply discussed, but this is the first time that this event has been put into the proper context of other extinction events.
The Late Devonian Mass Extinction
Biotic Recovery from Mass Extinction Events
Contains papers by leading authorities on several of the major extinction events of the geological record. The book brings together new data on a wide range of floral and faunal groups. The papers are grouped as general, Palaeozoic events, Mesozoic events and Cenozoic events. Several of the papers describe the recovery and recolonization processes following the extinction events while others discuss the problems of 'survivor taxa', 'disaster taxa' and 'progenitor species'. The examples chosen come from geological successions in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.