Books about minerals

Rock & Mineral (DK Eyewitness Books)
The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures. DK's classic look at rocks and minerals, now reissued with a CD and wall chart. .

A Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Peterson Field Guides.
The definitive guide to rocks and minerals, completely updated for the fifth edition, includes 385 color photographs showing rocks, minerals, and geologic formations. Hundreds of minerals are described, with details such as geographic formations. Hundreds of minerals are described, with details such as geographic distribution, physical properties, chemical composition, and crystalline structures.

Minerals in Thin Section (2nd Edition)
This is the second edition of a concise, straightforward, and balanced presentation of the theory and techniques of optical mineralogy. Designed for students to have on hand in the laboratory, this manual includes data and photos for all major igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary minerals. Minerals in Thin Section is the perfect supplement for mineralogy, optical mineralogy, and petrography courses. Includes: *Part I: Theoretical Considerations--discussing the interaction of minerals and light, the properties of minerals in thin section, and the most practical aspects of optical mineralogy. *Part II: Identifying Minerals in Thin Section--describing in detail the most common and significant or special minerals (see mineral index), including: name, formula, occurrence, distinguishing features, similar minerals, properties and interference figures, color, form, cleavage, relief, interference colors, extinction and orientation, and twinning. Box 2 (inside back cover) provides a straightforward process users can follow in order to determine a mineral's properties.Contains 34 pages of color photographs, including at least one for each of the 60 minerals described in detail, to illustrate the minerals in thin sections and to help students with mineral identification. *Appendices--containing additional information on: Common Opaque Minerals; Isotropic Minerals Ordered by Refractive Index; Uniaxial Minerals Sorted by Optic Sign and Ordered by Refractive Index; Biaxial Minerals Sorted by Optic Sign and Ordered by Refractive Index; Minerals Ordered by Interference Colors and Sorted by Optic System and Optic Sign; and an Alphabetical List of Minerals and Mineral Properties.
Minerals of the World (Princeton Field Guides)
This excellent up-to-date publication rates as one of the best mineral guidebooks around. The text is accurate and authoritative, the illustrations are well chosen and of high quality and the production quality is superb. While it is probably most appropriate for the intermediate to advanced collector, this book will delight the beginner and prove a good reference for students and, indeed, anyone interested in hand-specimen mineralogy.
World of Fluorescent Minerals
The rich and diverse world of fluorescent minerals is explored in this sweeping survey. Breathtakingly pure colors, with their ethereal glow, immediately capture your attention. Did you know that color television is a result of the study of fluorescing minerals? Fresh finds of fluorescent minerals are showing up regularly around the globe, and their collection is an entertaining and popular pasttime. To help the collector, over 825 photos display the minerals both as they might be found in daylight and in under the effects of ultraviolet light. Written for the collector and the merely curious, this pictorial reference will enrich your collecting experience with its informative text. It is an essential source for enjoying and identifying fluorescent minerals.
An Introduction to the Rock-forming Minerals
This revised edition has entailed a thorough re-writing of the text, taking account of the impressive advances that have been made in all aspects of earth sciences, particularly mineralogy, over the recent years.
Tabulated data and optic orientation sketches at the head of each section aim to make identification of each mineral clear and accessible. Selected references illustrate the different approaches to the study of minerals and include review publications of particular mineral groups. Ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry.
Masterpieces of the Mineral World: Treasures from the Houston Museum of Natural Science
The collection of natural mineral crystals housed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is the finest and best known in the world. Now the treasures of this singular collection are shown in resplendent photographs that will seduce both the connoisseur of beauty and the student of natural history.
The spectacular and rare specimens on display here, from a huge imperial topaz crystal weighing more than 2,000 carats to a crystallized gold cluster that is one of the most highly coveted objects in the mineral kingdom, are true masterpieces, the Rembrandts and Picassos of the natural world. Like fine art, minerals are prized for their aesthetic qualities-color, luster, sculptural composition-and for their provenance. Avidly pursued by naturalists throughout the centuries, precious metals and gem crystals have a fascinating history. Stories regarding the pursuit and discovery of these precious natural objects, including tales of good luck and hardship, are related in these pages. Essays that explore connoisseurship in the mineral kingdom and chronicle the history of this noble pursuit add to the appeal of this unique volume..
Minerals and Rocks: Exercises in Crystal and Mineral Chemistry, Crystallography, X-ray Powder Diffraction, Mineral and Rock Identification, and Ore Mineralogy
The thoroughly updated Laboratory Manual: Minerals and Rocks: Exercises in Crystal and Mineral Chemistry, Crystallography, X-ray Powder Diffraction, Mineral and Rock Identification, and Ore Mineralogy, 3e, is for use in the mineralogy laboratory and covers the subject matter in the same sequence as the Manual of Mineral Science, 23e.
Minerals: Their Constitution and Origin
This introduction to mineralogy for undergraduate and graduate students in geology and materials science has been designed for a semester course. Covering all aspects of mineralogy in an integrated way, it links mineral properties with broader geological processes, and conveys their economic importance throughout the text. Handy reference tables and a glossary of terms make this study an indispensable guide for the next generation of mineralogy students.
Minerals Of Nevada
A synoptic catalogue of Nevada's minerals, this reference lists every mineral found in the state along with the places where each occurs. Also included are essays on the geologic history of Nevada, a history of mining and mineral study and tips for collectors.
Minerals of Northern England
In words and magnificent pictures, some historical black and white and others contemporary fine colour images, the authors tell the story of the mines and minerals. ... This really is a fine book, written by arguably the two best authors alive today in this field. What comes across is authority and accuracy, but in an accessible way. This is a book for the amateur and professional alike and will be of great interest to anyone in the area.' Down to Earth ' ... exceptionally well illustrated. ... The authors are to be commended for the sheer breadth of material selected for our viewing enjoyment.' Mineral News 'This is a truly glorious record of the splendid minerals that have been found in the north of England ... It would be difficult to find two more authoritative authors, and they have produced a volume that is a delight to both view and read, and all at an excellent price