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Systema Porifera: A Guide to the Classification of Sponges
Systema Porifera: A Guide to the Classification of Sponges
Research whilst compiling this book has uncovered a fauna about twice the size as that previously published in the literature and consequently Systema Porifera revises and stabilizes the systematics of the phylum to accommodate this new knowledge in a contemporary framework. Practical tools (key illustrations, descriptions of character) are provided to facilitate the assignment of approximately 680 extant and 100 fossil genera. Systema Porifera is unique making sponge taxonomy widely available at the practical level of classification (genera, families, order). It is a taxonomic revision of sponges and spongiomorphis (such as sphinctozoans and archaeocyathans) based on re-evaluation of type materials and evidence. It is also a practical guide to sponge identification providing descriptions and illustrations of characters and interpretation of their importance to systematics. Systema Porifera addresses many long standing nomenclatural problems and provides a sound baseline for future debate on sponges and their place in time and space. Systema Porifera describes 3 classes, 7 subclasses, 24 orders, 127 families and 682 valid genera of extant sponges (with over 1600 nominal generic names and an additional 500 invalid names treated). Treatment of the fossil fauna is less comprehensive or critical, although 6 classes, 30 orders, 245 families and 998 fossil genera are mentioned. Keys to all recent and many fossil taxa are provided.
Fossil Corals and Sponges: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera, Graz 2003
Contents: Sorauf, J. E.: The function of dissepiments and marginaria in the Rugosa (Cnidaria, Zoantharia); Lee, D.-J., Jun, Y.-H., Bae, B.-Y. & Elias, R. J.: Axial increase in some early tabulate corals; Porter, D. R., Elias, R. J. & Young, G. A.: Biometric analysis of corallite size in the colonial rugosan Crenulites; Hladil, J.: The earliest growth stages of Amphipora; Plusquelec, Y., Tourneur, F. & Le Herisse, A.: Structure and microstructure of Pachypora lamellicornis Lindstrom, 1873, a tabulate coral from the Silurian of Gotland, Sweden; Nothdurft, L. D. & Web, G. E.: "Shingle" microstructure in scleractinian corals: a possible analogue for lamellar and microlamellar microstructure in Palaeozoic tabulate corals; Sorauf, J. E. & Buster, N. A.: Microarchitectural change in density bands of the scleractinian Montastraea faveolata, Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys, USA: a preliminary report; Perejon, A. & Moreno-Eiris, E.: Ovetian cryptic archaeocyaths, lower Cambrian from Las Ermitas (Cordoba, Spain); May, A.: Lower Devonian stromatoporoids of the Sierra Morena (Southern Spain) and their palaeogeographic affinities; Mistiaen, B.: An older Devonian stromatoporoid from the Ardennes, St. Joseph Formation, Emsian (Vireux, France); Mendez-Bedia, I. & Mistiaen, B.: Stromatoporoids from the latest reefal episode in the Devonian (late Frasnian) of the Cantabrian Mountains (NW Spain).