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Polymerid Trilobites from the Cambrian of Northwestern Hunan, China
China is richly endowed with Cambrian strata yielding some of the best-preserved fossils known anywhere in the world. The trilobites are most important element in the fauna, and of scientific relevance. The polymerid trilobite faunas of northwestern Human are remarkable for their diversity and excellence of preservation. Many of them belong to genera confined to China or to its palaeogeographic neighbours. The detailed work on the trilobites is placed in the wider context of biostratigraphy and correlation, which should be of interest to all those concerned with Cambrian geology. A refinement of the biostratigraphic zones based on the ranges of trilobite species will have implications for those currently seeking to increase the precision in international correlation of subdivisions within the Cambrian. Careful new work, of which this paper is an excellent example, is a more valuable contribution than anything else in this endeavour.