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The Fossil Turtles of North America
n this treatise on the Fossil Turtles of North America there are described 266 species, of which 76 are regarded as hitherto unknown to science. In the preparation of this work the writer has had access to most of the collections which contain remains of North American fossil turtles. The most important of these collections is that of the American Museum of Natural History, inN ew York. In this are found many of the specimens described by Professor E. D. Cope, including many of his types. In addition to these, large numbers of turtles have been brought together by the expeditions sent out by this museum during the past fifteen years.
Sea Turtles: Past and Present
Discusses the prehistoric ancestors, evolution, modern species, life cycle, and endangered status of sea turtles.
Morphology and Evolution of Turtles
This volume celebrates the contributions of Dr. Eugene Gaffney to the study of turtles, through a diverse and complementary collection of papers that showcases the latest research on one of the most intriguing groups of reptiles. A mix of focused and review papers deals with numerous aspects of the evolutionary history of turtles, including embryonic development, origins, early diversification, phylogenetic relationships, and biogeography. Moreover it includes reports on important but poorly understood fossil turtle assemblages, provides historical perspectives on turtle research, and documents disease and variation in turtles. With its broad scope, which includes descriptions of material and new taxa from Australia, Asia, and Europe, as well as North and South America, this work will be an essential resource for anyone interested in the morphology and evolution of turtles.