Books about geomagnetism

Palaeomagnetism & Diagenesis in Sediments
Palaeomagnetism & Diagenesis in Sediments
This book contains a co-ordinated series of papers considering how chemical changes in sediments, as they accumulate and lithify, affect their magnetization and how such changes can be monitored by studying their magnetic properties. It is especially relevant to sedimentologists, particularly those in exploration for hydrocarbons and sediment hosted materials, as well as for geophysists using the magnetization of sediments.
Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field
This book deals with the particular case of reversals of the Earth's magnetic field. These have played a major role in the development of plate tectonics and in establishing a geological time scale. The magnetism of rocks is discussed in some detail with a warning of possible misinterpretations of the record. The latest observational results and theories are reviewed with special attention to the structure and geometry of the transition field. Changing conditions at the core-mantle boundary, their effect on reversals, the generation of plumes and the possible correlation of reversals with tectonic changes, ice ages or mass extinctions are thoroughly discussed, including suggested periodicities in the reversal record and in other geophysical data.
Magnetic Stratigraphy
Magnetic Stratigraphy is the most comprehensive book written in the English language on the subject of magnetic polarity stratigraphy and time scales. This volume presents the entirety of the known geomagneticrecord, which now extends back about 300 million years. The book includes the results of current research on sea floor spreading, magnetic stratigraphy of the Pliocene and Pleistocene, and postulations on the Paleozoic. Also included are both historicalbackground and applications of magnetostratigraphy. Individual chapters on correlation are presented, using changes in magnetic properties and secular variation.